Unique relative pressure sensor IC for EVAP systems in ICE and hybrid vehicles

24-10-2019 | Melexis | Test & Measurement

Melexis has released the MLX90821 relative pressure sensor IC created for measuring very low pressures in automotive applications. Using the newest MEMS technology closely combined with an analog signal chain and digital signal processing, the device is a SiP IC solution for the reliable measurement of fuel vapour pressure as low as 50mbar and up to 700mbar. This makes the device ideal for EVAP systems intended for an internal combustion engine or hybrid vehicles.

Implementing fuel pressure vapour detection using so-called EVAP (evaporation) systems is frequently important for automotive manufacturers, as more regions add strict legislation which prevents the venting of fuel vapour to the atmosphere. As vapour builds up inside fuel tanks and crank cases, the EVAP systems are created to capture, store and responsibly dispose of the vapour, stopping it from escaping into the air. Pressure sensors that can work at very low pressures, like the pressure sensor IC, are a critical part of these systems, as they can recognise even the smallest leaks that can conceivably appear at any position in the EVAP system.

“The MLX90821 is a relative pressure sensor that has the range, reliability, stability and accuracy to cover EVAP systems for both internal combustion and hybrid engines,” commented Laurent Otte, Pressure Sensors Product Line Manager, Melexis. “This gives Tier 1 and module manufacturers the ability to standardise on a single design for both types of engine, using a sensor IC that is factory calibrated but can also be customised for each individual application. Its robust, easy to seal packaging is certified to operate between -40C and +150C and comes with full PPAP support.”

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