Ultra-thin piezo speakers offer a wider dynamic range

31-10-2019 | TDK | Subs & Systems

TDK Corporation has expanded its lineup of ultra-thin PiezoListen speakers with new types providing a wider dynamic range and higher sound pressure level in the low-frequency range, even at voltages up to 24VP-P. The series now includes the PHUA6630* wide dynamic range speaker with an operating frequency range of 400Hz to 20kHz. This product has a footprint of 66mm x 30mm and complements the existing PHUA3030* speaker. Also new in the series are two sound positioning speakers with an operating frequency range of 1000Hz to 20kHz. The miniature PHUA2010* features dimensions of only 20mm x 10mm, while the PHUA3015* speaker measures in at 30mm x 15mm.

With a thickness as low as 0.49mm the PiezoListen type PHUA3030* is claimed to be the world’s thinnest speaker that can include a broad frequency range from as low as 400Hz up to 20kHz. Thanks to its form factor, the devices can turn nearly any surface such as a display screen into a speaker. Also, it is simple to combine into existing applications without sound emission holes, allowing flexible acoustic solutions that need no alterations to the exterior designs.

The development of these low-profile, high-displacement piezoelectric speakers was made possible by the company's patented multilayer and material technologies. With the series, the company will allow completely new integrated acoustic solutions and therefore contribute to the evolution of customer application design.

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