New thermal camera for automotive diagnosis applications

28-10-2019 | RS Components | Test & Measurement

RS Components offers a new thermal camera from FLIR, which is excellent for automotive maintenance and repair technicians, assisting them to accelerate diagnostic procedures and spot undetected problems.

Combining both non-contact thermal measurement and thermal imaging to aid technicians to troubleshoot repairs, spot possible faults and record images, the imager is especially effective for diagnosing problems in parasitic drain on the battery, relays and switches, drive train components and HVAC systems.

Key technical specifications of the TG275 incorporate a 19,200-pixel resolution infrared camera and a temperature measurement range from –25C extending up to +550C. The unit also employs the company's Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging technology, which adds visible light details to thermal images in real-time. This produces greater clarity by embedding edge and outline detail on top of thermal readings. This high level of sharp visual detail produced by the unit is displayed on a vibrant 2.4" LCD screen.

Other specifications include a 57-degree x 44-degree FoV and thermal sensitivity of less than 70mK. The high-temperature measurement accuracy of ±1.5C features across the +50C to 100C range, shifting to ±3C across the –25C to +50C and +100C to +550C ranges. The unit is supplied in a rugged and reliable drop-tested design with an IP54 enclosure that guards the camera against dirt, dust and oil.

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