New fibre optic LED emitter suits longer distance or restricted power applications

18-10-2019 | OMC | Lighting Technologies

OMC offers a new fibre optic emitter, FDE854LBF, which includes next-generation infra-red die technology and integral micro-optics to deliver high levels of coupled power into all standard fibre-optic core sizes. The new transmitter is optimised for usage with glass fibre-optic systems and due to both higher launch powers and enhanced consistency from device to device, produces far superior performance, allowing data to be sent over greater distances – up to a kilometre further depending on fibre type and size.

A further advantage provided by the higher launch power of the device is its capability to be driven at up to 30% lower currents for applications that do not need the additional launch power. In a large installation, comprising 20,000 to 30,000 channels, for example, the resulting power saving can be several kilowatts, supporting the application to satisfy environmental criteria, while decreasing power supply demands and heat generation. This feature is also particularly useful for applications drawing power from batteries, renewables, or those in a restricted power environment.

William Heath, commercial director, OMC comments: “It is often overlooked that when talking about an optical emitter that can deliver additional intensity, there are additional advantages for other applications which do not demand that - the device also delivers in terms of power saving and reduced heat generation and there can be applications where upgrading to the next generation device is appropriate purely on power-saving grounds”.

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