Hybrid M12 connectors mix power and signal contacts

24-10-2019 | Binder | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

binder is offering the first models in a new range of M12 A-coded, moulded connectors that combine both power and signal/data contacts.

The flexibility of these 'hybrid' M12 connectors are ideal for those responsible for today’s complex applications where power and signal are needed in a limited space. These comprise actuators, sensors, camera systems, motors and drives and controls systems.

The first versions to be released have nine contacts comprising of two gold-plated power contacts rated to 12A at 63V and gold-plated seven signal contacts rated to 0.5A at 12.5V.

The PUR moulded cable connector provides 0.75mm2 AWG 18 wires for power and 0.14mm2 AWG 26 for signal. As standard, it is provided with 2m or 5m of cable with other lengths offered on request.

The panel-mounted connectors feature PCB termination featuring dip solder contacts for power and surface mount for signal.

When mated, they protect IP67 and an operating temperature range of -25C to 85C.

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