Flange mount non-contacting position sensors for applications encountering harsh environments

28-10-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

CTS Electronic Components 285S/N Flange Mount Non-Contacting Position Sensors are rotary sensors for applications that encounter harsh environments. These sensors are available now from Mouser. The 285S/N sensors achieve high performance over an operating temperature range of -40C to +125C for applications that demand accurate position sensing in different environmental settings. Provided with standard 3VDC or 5VDC powering options, the position sensors can be employed in standard and energy-efficient applications.

The sensors provide high durability with 10 million cycles of rotational life, linearity as low as ±0.25%, and hysteresis as low as 0.2% for precision position sensing. The components are provided in single or dual output with three standard ingress protection (IP) options (50, 54, and 67) to give the right grade of protections fitting for the application. Other features incorporate a high vibration rating (30Gs) and optional 200-degree, 270-degree, and 320-degree electrical angles with end stops.

Typical applications include actuator motor position feedback, medical treatment chair and patient platform position feedback, flow valve position feedback, foot pedal and twist throttle controls, and steering and lift and shuttle controls.

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