Companies deliver safety with world’s largest rollout of V2X

30-10-2019 | NXP | Automotive Technologies

NXP Semiconductors has rolled out its life-saving RoadLINK V2X communication solution in the new Volkswagen Golf. The recently released vehicle is the first volume European car model outfitted with V2X, providing a major boost to the deployment of the technology on European roads and further. The technology can stop accidents by enabling cars to communicate with each other, regardless of car brands and with no support for cellular infrastructure.

“Road safety forms the core of VW’s commitment to its customers. As a high-volume manufacturer, we aim to be a pioneer in this space,” said Dr Johannes Neft, head of Vehicle Body Development for the Volkswagen brand. “The introduction of V2X, together with traffic infrastructure providers and other vehicle manufacturers, is a major milestone in this direction. Volkswagen includes this technology, which doesn’t involve any user fees, as a standard feature to accelerate V2X penetration in Europe.”

“Volkswagen has taken a bold step to seize the road safety initiative through the implementation of V2X,” said Torsten Lehman, senior vice president and general manager of Driver Assistance and Infotainment at NXP. “After proving our technology in more than one million test days globally, we are pleased that our RoadLINK technology, developed in cooperation with Cohda Wireless, was chosen to enable new levels of safety in Europe’s most popular car model, the new Golf.”

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