Compact SMPS offer higher efficiency and lower levels of heat dissipation

02-10-2019 | RS Components | Power

Available now from RS Components, the TDK-Lambda switch mode power supplies are a type of electronic circuit used to convert power. They are also recognised as switching-mode power supplies or SMPS for short. The general topology of an SMPS is AC to DC conversion, although other switches feature an output of DC to DC voltage.

The power supply unit you use in a PC is important as it ultimately concludes what other components you may use inside it and the output in performance received at the end. For high-end gaming PC builds the aim should be for an efficiency rating of >80%. The higher the rating, the less power it uses. The less power used equates to easier heat dissipation keeping the PC cool and performing optimally.

Switching power supply units with higher efficiency and lower levels of heat dissipation are usually very compact, making them excellent for projects with limited space.

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