Commutation encoder supports larger motor shaft sizes

31-10-2019 | CUI | Subs & Systems

CUI Devices’ Motion Group has introduced a new model to its AMT commutation encoder family supporting larger motor shaft sizes from 9mm to 15.875mm (5/8"). The AMT33 series produces standard U/V/W communication signals for commutating brushless DC motors in automation, industrial, robotics, and renewable energy applications. Based on the company’s proprietary capacitive sensing technology, the series unites high durability and accuracy with added resilience to dust, dirt, and oil that can trouble other encoder technologies in industrial environments.

The encoder offers 22 programmable resolutions from 48 to 4096PPR, low current consumption of 16mA at 5V, and includes brushless DC motors with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 20 pole pairs. Housed in a compact 42.3mm x 42.3mm x 13.5mm package, the series provides CMOS voltage or differential line driver outputs, radial or axial orientations, and a broad -40C to +125C operating temperature range. When paired with the company’s AMT Viewpoint software, users can simply configure the encoder’s resolution, zero position, pole count, and direction of rotation. This conserves valuable time throughout development and assembly in comparison to optical encoders where the optical disk needs to be precisely rotated and monitored via back EMF to ensure proper alignment. The digital nature of the series decreases this time-consuming process to seconds with its One Touch Zero feature.

Further flexibility comes in the form of the AMT33-V kit, which includes nine sleeve bore options from 9mm to 5/8" and simple mounting tools that further simplify the mounting process to a wide range of motors.

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