Battery charge management ICs combines common functions for wearable devices

09-10-2019 | Texas Instruments | Semiconductors

Texas Instruments bq25125 Battery Charge Management ICs that combines the most common functions for wearable devices including a linear charger, regulated output, load switch, manual reset with timer, and battery voltage monitor. The integrated buck converter is a high-efficiency, low IQ switcher that uses DCS-Control extending light load efficiency down to 10µA load currents.

Maximum battery life is assured with the low quiescent current throughout operation and shutdown. The device offers charge currents from 5mA to 300mA, and the input current limit, charge current, buck converter output voltage, LDO output voltage, and other parameters are programmable through the I2C interface.

The load switch is configurable, enabling system optimisation by disconnecting rarely used devices. Wake and reset optimisation is accomplished using manual reset with the timer's multiple different configuration options. A voltage-based monitor gives battery level information to the host in 2% increments from 60% to 100% of the programmed V(BATREG).

By Natasha Shek