Simplify PD in growing USB Type-C charging market

10-09-2019 | Microchip Technology | Power

With Power Delivery (PD) users are able to charge more types of devices than ever before. To eliminate the usual complexity and high costs associated with implementing USB Type-C, Microchip Technology offers two new solutions that simplify USB Type-C PD for a variety of applications.

As one of the first USB-IF-certified USB 3.1 SmartHub devices including integrated support for PD (TID1212), the USB705x family allows fast device charging and offers unique PD implementations called HostFlexing and PDBalancing. The UPD301A is a standalone USB Type-C PD controller that simplifies the implementation of basic USB Type-C PD charging functionality. This makes it excellent for applications from rear seat charging in vehicles to portable equipment and public charging stations.

The USB705x family comprises two unique features that simplify USB Type-C PD implementations – HostFlexing and PDBalancing. HostFlexing simplifies the user’s docking station activity by providing all USB Type-C ports to function as the 'notebook' port, excluding the requirement for cryptic labels that try and describe overall functionality of each USB Type-C port. PDBalancing presents a methodology for manufacturers to handle overall system power through centralised control, subsequently saving money for consumers by charging several PD-enabled devices with less overall power.

The UPD301A offers a simple, standalone solution for achieving USB Type-C PD charging in a diversity of applications. The device serves both single and dual-port operation and employs a pin-configurable implementation that targets ease of use. The device complements the company's large family of USB hubs and facilitates solutions from charge-only to full data, video and power management.

“With the acceleration of USB Type-C PD in phones, PCs and portable devices, it’s critical that designers of new computing systems and automotive infotainment systems are easily able to add USB Type-C PD functionality to designs,” said Charles Forni, vice president of Microchip’s USB and Networking business unit. “From hub-based data management to standalone power delivery, Microchip continues to invest in evolving and growing our USB Type-C portfolio to support the varying needs of our broad customer base.”

Both devices come with a comprehensive solution including the MPLAB Connect Configurator hub configuration tool, evaluation boards with schematics and Gerber files to decrease development time.

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