The next logical step for industrial-grade storage

05-09-2019 | Apacer | Subs & Systems

Apacer has devoted more resources to PCIe SSD production and has now introduced an industrial-grade PCIe NVMe Gen3 SSD series. Outfitted with a powerful PCIe controller and based on 64-layer 3D TLC technology, it conforms precisely to the NVMe specification. This offers superior performance for data transmission, and 4K random read/write operations. The company's engineers have documented 4K random read/write performance, and continuous read/write speeds up to 345,000/172,000 IOPS and 2,660/2,260 MB/sec, respectively. Like many of the company's industrial-grade solutions, it is offered with a broad temperature span option, enabling it to tolerate temperature between -40C to 85C.

The company's new series products are augmented with advanced LDPC ECC engines and DataRAID, offering data error correction and backup mechanisms to assure the correctness and accuracy of data transmission. Also, they are provided with End-to-End Data Protection, an instant error detecting and correcting mechanism to secure the integrity and correctness of data between the host and NAND storage areas throughout high-speed data transmission. This also considerably improves data reliability.

Available in M.2 2280, M.2 2242 and CFX form factors, these products make excellent storage solutions for industrial control systems and data centres.

By Natasha Shek