New ebook examines ways to move from inspiration to design

10-09-2019 | Mouser Electronics | New Technologies

Mouser has released Designing an Idea, the first eBook from Engineering Big Ideas, the newest series in the company's Empowering Innovation Together program. In the new eBook, experts from the company and the electronics industry give an in-depth look at how innovators go from the first spark of inspiration to product design to the first levels of production.

The ebook starts with a foreword by Skullcandy Chief Product Officer Jeffrey L. Hutchings, who explores how the path from idea to product is evolving, with expanded access to tools and resources offering organisations and individuals with new, more cost-effective routes to production. Special contributors to the new ebook include Bob Martin, 'Wizard of Make' and senior staff engineer at Microchip Technology; Josh Lifton, PhD graduate of the MIT Media Lab and co-founder and president of Crowd Supply; and Dr Andy Stanford-Clark, CTO of IBM in UK and Ireland.

The book also incorporates an innovation-to-productisation model that can aid technology creators to increase their chances of success.

“The road from idea to product can be arduous and filled with obstacles, but new technologies are opening up new and quicker paths,” said Kevin Hess, senior vice president, Marketing at Mouser. “The Engineering Big Ideas series begins with a look at how innovators develop their concepts and where they go from there.”

The company recently launched the series with a video that followed celebrity engineer Grant Imahara as he attended the Arizona test track of Nikola Motor Company. There, he talked with CEO Trevor Milton about how Nikola Motor Company is delivering its vision for hybrid truck design to market and transforming the economic and environmental impact of commerce in the process.

The program has been one of the most recognised and notable electronic component marketing programs since 2015, highlighting a variety of innovative developments from IoT and smart cities of the future to robotics technologies.

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