New compliance test solution for the automotive industry

26-09-2019 | Rohde & Schwarz | Automotive Technologies

Rohde & Schwarz has introduced what is claimed to be the first 10BASE-T1S compliance test available, for the R&S RTO and R&S RTP oscilloscopes, which provide completely automated testing conforming to the current version of IEEE 802.3cg 10BASE-T1S interfaces. The company continues to participate in the OPEN Alliance, utilising its expertise to assist in the drive to develop complete and reliable test solutions.

As also for other Ethernet standards, the new R&S RTO-K89 and R&S RTP-K89 compliance test software for 10BASE-T1S incorporates pictorial instructions to guide users in the measurements step by step. Both the oscilloscopes and the R&S ZND network analyser are automatically configured. The test results are produced in a pdf-format test report. The full compliance test solution also comprises a test fixture, simplifying connecting the 10BASE-T1S interface to the test setup.

With this new addition, the company is able to supply a complete portfolio for testing all available Automotive Ethernet standards (10BASE-T1S, 100BASE-T1, 1000BASE-T1) and for all other standard automotive buses (LIN, CAN, CAN-FD, FlexRay and CXPI). The oscilloscopes provide comprehensive, yet compact test solutions for ECU development testing for all automotive bus interfaces and internal interfaces such as PCIe, or DDR.

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