Eval kit for advanced battery protector delivering the highest level of safety

04-09-2019 | Maxim | Design & Manufacture

Maxim Integrated Products provides designers concerned about battery safety access to most of their advanced battery protector with integrated fuel gauges. The newest 1-cell, pack-side ICs in this portfolio are the MAX17301 and the MAX17311, which claim to provide the most configurable settings for battery safety in the industry and uniquely allow fine-tuning of voltage and current thresholds based on different temperature zones. These ICs also provide a first-of-its-kind secondary protection scheme in case the primary protection fails.

“Ensuring that their batteries are reliable and safe is one of the foremost considerations for portable electronics system engineers,” said Bakul Damle, business management director, Mobile Power Business Unit at Maxim Integrated. “Maxim has simplified this essential function by not only providing the most advanced protection and security in the market but by integrating the most accurate fuel gauge that operates at the lowest IQ in the market.”

The evaluation kits for the protector are fully assembled and tested surface-mount PCBs that evaluate the MAX17301–MAX17303/MAX17311– MAX17313 Fuel Gauges.

The evaluation kits include the IC evaluation board with integrated I2C/1-Wire interface and USB micro-B cable. Windows-based GUI software is available for use with the evaluation kits and can be downloaded.