Compact electric double layer supercapacitors provide high capacitance values

26-09-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Passives

Cornell Dubilier EDC/EDS Long-Life Electric Double Layer Supercapacitors provide high capacitance values in a through-hole stacked coin type package. The devices are available now from Mouser. The device's components are mainly intended for integrated circuit voltage backup. The capacitors can also be employed to deliver the initial power from batteries.

The EDC/EDS coin cells are extremely compact, high capacitance devices that are created around an activated carbon anode and cathode with an organic electrolyte. The EDLC yield extremely large storage abilities with values from 0.047F to 1.5F. The company's components offer instantaneous backup power for memory circuitry in a compact size assisting in product design flexibility.

Typical applications include onboard CPU memory, backup circuits, RTC battery backup, AMR, solar battery backup and energy storage, IoT energy harvesting/storage, industrial controls, and telematics.

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