Capacitive touch and proximity sensing board equipped with integrated trackpad controller

11-09-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Mikroe MIKROE-3202 SwipeSwitch Click is a capacitive touch, gesture, and proximity sensing board equipped with the IQS266 integrated trackpad controller. The board is available now from Mouser. The circuit features ProxSense and IQ Switch technologies.

This IC consists of a 2x3-channel capacitive trackpad controller and a single self-capacitive proximity sensor. The sensor can be utilised to wake up the device to secure very low power consumption. The device can stay in Sleep mode when not in use. The device can recognise several different configurable swipe and tap gestures. An ATI feature ensures an optimised performance in various conditions.

The device includes SwipeSwitch click, which is an ideal platform for the development of low-power touch sensing applications for wearables, white goods, home appliances, toys, HMI applications, and more.

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