Transceiver evaluation module is layout optimised for high-speed connectivity

16-08-2019 | Texas Instruments | Design & Manufacture

Texas Instruments SN74AXC4T774EVM Transceiver Evaluation Module is intended to support SN74AXC4T774 in RSV and PW packages. It is also backward compatible to enable the usage of the current SN74AVC4T774 device in these packages. The EVM belongs to the low voltage direction controlled translation family with operating voltage from 0.65V to 3.6V with 12mA of drive strength.

The EVM offers high-speed SMB connector if required. A ground port for each header pin supports high-speed measurement, and the OE pin has the option of 10KOhm resistor pullup or pulldown. The device is layout optimised for high-speed connectivity. The module is SPI, JTAG Interface ready with A[1:3] to B[1:3] and B4 to A4 signal direction.

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