Super capacitor modules provide excellent pulse power handling properties

23-08-2019 | RS Components | Passives

This new SCM Series of electrochemical, double-layer, series-connected SuperCapacitor modules from AVX and offered by RS Components, provide excellent pulse power handling properties based on the blend of very high capacitance and very low ESR. Employed by themselves or together with primary or secondary batteries, they offer extended back up time, longer battery life, and give instantaneous power pulses as required. The devices provide excellent solutions to hold up, pulse power applications, energy harvesting, and battery replacement.

These modules are compatible with hand-soldering, as well as reflow and wave soldering processes.

Typical applications include camera flash systems, energy harvesting, GSM/GPRS pulse, applications, UPS/industrial, wireless alarms, remote metering, scanners, and toys and games.

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