New active soldering tips offer precision performance and power

01-08-2019 | Weller Tools | Subs & Systems

Weller Tools has expanded its Active RT soldering tip program. The expanded tip series provides the greatest precision while maximising performance and power. The tips work solely with the high-performance WX platform of soldering stations.

Whether in the electronics field, medical technology or aerospace field, the industry is progressing faster and the components are regularly becoming smaller, more complex and more powerful.

The soldering industry is no different, and to satisfy these increasing demands, the company is increasing its existing soldering tip series. The company continues to provide the broadest range of these high-end soldering tips – all linked to one particular soldering station from the series. “As always, Weller makes No Compromise: we’re offering maximum performance, power and precision with our new RT Lines of tips. They also provide maximum protection to the PCBs and the components you are soldering, improving yield and ultimately reducing cost”, says Philippe Buidin, VP marketing, Weller and general manager, Weller Tools GmbH.

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