NAND microSDHC memory cards ideal for write-intensive applications

01-08-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Panasonic TA Series Consumer Plus 3D pSLC NAND microSDHC memory cards provide reliability, very low risk of BOM changes, and lower overall cost per GB compared to 2D NAND Flash technology. The cards handle many more writes than a typical consumer-type card and are ideal for write-intensive applications. The cards use the company's proprietary SD Controller, and firmware increasing write efficiency and card lifetime as well as enabling lifetime simulations and card analysis.

The cards give read speeds up to 95MB/s. This series memory cards highlight a UHS-I interface and excellent performance with Class 10, UHS-I U1 speeds. The erase blocks within the NAND flash use a static wear levelling algorithm assuring evenly distributed wear. Physical erase blocks that become unusable over time are managed efficiently by the bad block management feature. Static wear levelling feature enables increased efficiency in data block management.

The cards attain a higher overall card endurance and low failure rate due to 100% product screening before shipment. The series is offered in 4GB and 8GB capacities.

Typical application fields include medical, building automation and security, office telecommunications, commercial cooking, and test and measurement.

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