M12 connectors and cables withstand harsh-industrial and weather environments

28-08-2019 | TTI Europe | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Ruggedly designed to provide infrastructure solutions for harsh-duty manufacturing environments, Brad connectivity products offer solutions for industries including food and beverage, material handling, automotive and commercial vehicles.

The company's M12 connectors, available now from TTI Europe, are created to endure harsh-industrial and weather environments with excellent quality that ensures very reliable connections for control elements in automated equipment. These high-quality connectors provide fast and simple replacement of encoders, sensors, switches and other input and output devices in industrial machinery.

Micro-Change (M12) cordsets, with Weld-slag, Oil Resistant (WSOR) cable, provide a rugged solution for connections in harsh industrial environments, reduce machine downtime, decrease inventory and feature knurled hex nuts which assure proper sealing to a defined torque.

The devices are ideal for commercial vehicles, defence, industrial automation, and lighting applications.

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