LDO linear regulator operates with a wide input-voltage range

19-08-2019 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments TPS7B82-Q1 LDO Linear Regulator is created to operate with a wide input-voltage range from 3V to 40V (45V load dump protection). Operation down to 3V enables the device to continue running during cold-crank and start and stop conditions. With only 2.7µA typical quiescent current at light load, this regulator is an excellent solution for powering MCUs

and CAN/LIN transceivers in standby systems.

The device features integrated short-circuit and overcurrent protection. The device operates in ambient temperatures from –40C to +125C and with junction temperatures from –40C to +150C. This regulator employs a thermally conductive package to allow sustained operation despite significant dissipation over the device. Because of these features, the device is ideal as a power supply for multiple automotive applications.

Typical uses include automotive head unit, powering MCUs and CAN/LIN transceivers, telematics control unit, body control modules, and always-ON battery-connected applications.

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