Easy-to-use synchronous step-down DC-DC converter

09-08-2019 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments LMR34215-Q1 Synchronous Step-Down Converter is an easy-to-use, synchronous, step-down DC-DC converter. With the integrated high-side and low-side power MOSFETs, up to 1.5A output current is supplied over a broad input voltage range of 4.2V to 42V.

The device employs peak-current-mode control to give optimal efficiency and output voltage accuracy. Precision enable provides versatility by allowing a direct connection to the broad input voltage or precise control over device start-up and shutdown. The power-good flag, with built-in filtering and delay, provides a true indication of system status removing the necessity for an external supervisor.

Typical applications include ADAS camera modules, head-up displays, body control modules, and general-purpose wide VIN power supplies.

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