Comprehensive range of phase shifters cover almost any requirement

16-08-2019 | Link Microtek Ltd | Subs & Systems

The comprehensive range of coaxial and waveguide phase shifters manufactured by US firm L3 Narda-ATM is now offered to microwave design engineers in the UK through Link Microtek.

Including microwave frequency bands up to 40GHz, the phase shifters appear in both coaxial and waveguide styles and can be stipulated with digital counting dial, direct reading dial and servo motor control options. Several models are specially designed for use in Ka-band systems.

Ideal for altering the phases of elements within a phased array antenna system, the devices are principally aimed at defence or commercial radar applications and can also be applied for drive feed balancing on high power amplifiers, plus general test-and-measurement applications.

The coaxial phase shifter line comprises units with minimum adjustable phase shifts of 30, 40, 60, 90, 180 and 360-degrees/GHz. Highlighting low insertion loss, the devices have maximum VSWRs ranging from 1.3:1 to 2.0:1, while the power-handling ability is stipulated as 100W average and 3kW peak.

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