Cloud kit simplifies secure IoT endpoint device connections to AWS

22-08-2019 | Renesas | New Technologies

Renesas Electronics Corporation has released the RX65N Cloud Kit providing onboard Wi-Fi, environmental, light and inertial sensors, and support for Amazon FreeRTOS connected to AWS. The kit provides embedded designers a fast start and secure connection to AWS. Using the company’s e2 studio IDE, IoT applications are simply created by configuring Amazon FreeRTOS, all the necessary drivers, the network stack and component libraries.

The kit gives an excellent evaluation and prototyping environment, allowing embedded designers to create secure end-to-end IoT cloud solutions for sensor-based endpoint equipment. Employing the company’s browser-based software, users can visualize sensor data employing a smart device cloud dashboard to monitor a broad array of applications including networked smart meters, building, office, and industrial automation systems, and home appliances.

“Compared to the RX65N Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity Kit launched in 2017, this enhanced low-cost kit combines a qualified RX65N MCU with Amazon FreeRTOS connected to AWS with additional hardware, software, and handy-tools,” said Daryl Khoo, vice president of marketing, IoT Platform Business Division, Renesas Electronics Corporation. “Customers can use the kit to build prototypes and then reuse the hardware and sample software as reference building blocks to accelerate their development schedules and add more value.”

By Natasha Shek