Automotive DC-DC converters provide low supply current with high efficiency

15-08-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Automotive Technologies

Ricoh Electronic Devices Company Automotive DC-DC Converters can achieve low supply current with high efficiency. The converters are available now from Mouser. These converters are processed and miniaturised by CMOS analog technology and by refined design skills. Many of the converters have an operating temperature from -40C to 125C. Protections comprise three types of overcurrent protection (foldback, latch, or reset), OVP, UVLO, and TSD.

The company's converters for automotive have gained the AEC-Q100 qualification. They produce extremely reliable DC-DC converters by building them in their factory and cooperative factories that have qualified for inspections for automotive.

Two quality classes are provided for general equipment like body systems and accessories. The company also provides solutions for multiple problems unique to automotive fields with their Traceability System and Product Longevity Program.

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