Rugged NAND-based solid state drive designed for defence and aerospace applications

31-07-2019 | Smart Modular Technologies | Subs & Systems

SMART Modular Technologies has a new addition to its SMART RUGGED product range, the S5E 2.5" SATA SSD.

The SSD offers comprehensive encryption and security features such as quick erase, Security Data Elimination Technology which satisfies current declassification standards and erase triggers, making it an excellent data recording and storage tool for surveillance, defence and telemetry applications where data has to remain secure or erased in mission-critical scenarios.

With two external triggers, the drive is furnished with AES-XTS-256-bit encryption, which automatically protects all data written to the drive. Further data elimination features built into the drive are created to meet or exceed all regulations for current defence data erasure standards.

As well as its encryption and erase features, the device provides up to 480GB of storage using single-level cell NAND flash. The SSD is intended for both endurance and environmental stress protection, providing users a level of protection custom ideal for integration into high stress or rugged-use applications.

"With the S5E, SMART has designed an SLC-based SSD that can be easily installed in a wide variety of applications," stated Mike Guzzo, of SMART Modular Technologies, "The new S5E is tough enough for industrial or military applications and other rugged uses straight out of the box, and when implemented with protected data features, it provides the security protection and quick erasure necessary for our most demanding customers and their applications."

Flash Memory Summit 2019, Aug 6–9 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Booth #627.

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