New power supply monitoring IC has built-in self-diagnostic function supporting functional safety

05-07-2019 | ROHM Semiconductor | Semiconductors

ROHM has released a power supply monitoring IC, the BD39040MUF-C, with BIST (Built-In Self-Test) that supports functional safety. This IC is excellent for automotive application power supply systems needing fail-safe measures such as electric power steering plus sensors and cameras for autonomous driving and ADAS.

Rapid progress in ADAS and automated driving has pushed demand for features such as collision prevention and lane assist that diminish the chance of accidents. Consequently, product development for mounted semiconductors has to ensure functional safety (fail-safe) in the event of failure considering self-diagnostic and other functions.

The device is a power monitoring IC that gives monitoring functions needed for functional safety in the power supply systems of ADAS sensor modules. As well as voltage monitoring functions (Power Good, reset) and a watchdog timer for monitoring the ECU crucial for functional safety, the company's power supply monitoring IC is claimed to be the first in the industry to introduce a self-diagnostic function. By employing original technology, this IC makes it feasible to identify potential failure of the power supply IC itself with no affect to existing systems. The combination of these functions into a compact 3mm square package makes it perfect for ADAS applications necessitating high miniaturisation.