New module with embedded platforms for industrial automation

29-07-2019 | Advantech | Subs & Systems

Advantech has launched its first SMARC module the SOM-2569. SMARC is a versatile small form factor computer module aimed at applications that need low power consumption, the flexibility to upgrade computing performance, and effective budget control in the system development process. Together with bundled the WISE-PaaS/DeviceOn software, SMARC modules can support end customers with operations management and ease maintenance.

The module features Intel Atom E3900, Pentium and Celeron N Series processors. Its provides a small size — 82mm x 50mm — and supports up to three displays simultaneously. On top of offering multi-display, it also supports several I/O, such as SATA, USB3.0/2.0, COM port, SMBus, and I2C.

By Natasha Shek