New HSD cable assemblies targeted at in-vehicle infotainment

01-07-2019 | Variohm | Subs & Systems

Amphenol RF has released their High-Speed Data (HSD) cable assemblies with a broad assortment of lengths that are excellent for automotive, agricultural and other applications.

The HSD series is targeted at automotive designs that need fast data transmission employing LVDS, IEEE 1394 and USB protocols. The reliable push-on connection and colour-coded, keyed bodies stop mismating, making this an excellent solution for automotive applications.

Fixed length cable assemblies are offered in an assortment of configurations and multiple standard lengths. Built using shielded and twisted quad cable, these assemblies provide all the benefits of the HSD connector line in a pre-configured unit. The 100Ohm assemblies show excellent electrical performance through 2GHz.

The cable assemblies are employed for a range of automotive applications including LVDS cameras, sensors, infotainment electronics and display units. They are also employed in USB connections.

By Natasha Shek