New high performance LED batten pack provides large energy savings

29-07-2019 | Goodlight | Lighting Technologies

A new design-driven LED Batten Pack offers a sleek and sophisticated lighting solution based on long-life, energy-efficient LED lighting technology has been added to the Goodlight range. Created as a direct drop-in replacement for fluorescent tubes and battens, the pack provides over 130Lm/W giving optimum light output, pointing to direct energy savings up to 65%.

Minimalistic in its design, the pack is a point-for-point retrofit replacement for outmoded fluorescent tubes and batten fixtures. Offered in two sizes, the 4ft LED batten draws 25W or 40W and provides 3,000Lm and 5,200Lm of light output respectively. The 5ft batten draws 30W and produces 3,600Lm or 50W giving 6,500Lm.

The new pack has been expertly designed as a single body, including the LED light source, diffuser, end caps and LED driver. Installation is quick and straightforward due to its unique hinged tray which enables access into the rear of the fitting, allowing it to be mounted securely into place on the wall or ceiling. Once installed and the hinged tray closed, it is ready for use. They are virtually maintenance-free, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours and are guaranteed for five years.

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