Latest industrial-grade SSD series provides high performance

26-07-2019 | Apacer | Subs & Systems

Apacer adds a new series to its extensive product line. The 3D TLC SV250 SSD is now offered to those who demand high performance in industrial applications. Made with original ICs from Toshiba, it provides capacities from 30GB to 960GB, and up to 3,000 P/E cycles. It has excellent sequential read/write speeds of 560 and 520MB/s, respectively. It also functions smoothly in temperatures extending from -40C to 85C. Its advanced data protection algorithm maximises its durability and reliability, presenting it an excellent selection for factory automation applications, security monitoring systems and edge computing devices, and more.

Due to advanced algorithms including LDPC ECC and DataRAID, data reliability of the company's SV250 series is secured notwithstanding being equipped with TLC NAND flash. The company’s engineers also built in a mixture of value-adding features, including a power-saving mode, wear levelling, flash memory management, SMART and Trim technology.

The series provides an excellent balance of performance, reliability and cost. They are offered in various form factors such as 2.5”, M.2 2280, and M.2 2242, as well as being available in module form.

By Natasha Shek