GaN-on-Si power amp module offers design flexibility for tactical broadband communications

10-07-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Mouser is now offering the MAMG-100227-010C0L broadband power amplifier module from MACOM. The module provides exceptional design flexibility for a wide variety of radio and communications applications, including defence tactical communications and electronic countermeasures, wireless public safety communications, and land mobile radio systems.

The device is a fully matched 10W power amplifier module based on GaN-on-Si technology. Operating in the broadband 225MHz to 2600MHz range, the module offers up to 40% PAE and 22dB power gain.

The module supports up to 36V operation (28V typical) in a robust operating temperature range of -40C to 85C. With flexible top-side and bottom-side mounting configurability and a 14mm x 18mm package, the module supports radio designs with SWaP specifications. The module possesses integrated gold-plated copper heatsink and a laminated air cavity package, removing the requirement for PCB space and componentry associated with unmatched PA modules.

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