Easy-to-use conversion utility makes HMI construction straightforward and offers time savings

01-07-2019 | Bridgetek | Subs & Systems

Bridgetek has simplified the HMI development process by expanding the scope of the toolchain that accompanies its EVE product portfolio. Several extra elements have been added, plus major upgrades and augmentations assigned to the existing tools.

A core aspect of this toolchain is the new EVE Asset Builder. This easy-to-operate conversion utility makes HMI construction more straightforward and delivers considerable time saving, as it means that users are not required to memorise the various command line options for every diverse constituent utility in their design. As well as incorporating conversion of image, audio and font files, this tool has video conversion functionality, too, along with an animation generator.

The improved toolchain adds support for the VM816 touch-enabled TFT modules. This means that users can obtain an accurate evaluation of how their BT816 designs will be rendered on an actual display rather than just seeing an approximation on a PC screen.

All of the elements in the updated EVE toolchain - comprising EAB v1.0, ESD v4.6 and ESE v3.1.6 - can be downloaded for free from the company's website.

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