Customised TFT displays deliver clarity for budget solutions with worldwide service

11-07-2019 | Selectronic | Subs & Systems

Selectronic’s range of Thin Film Transistor displays is a complete range of screens ideal for instrumentation type applications as well as industrial grade and automotive TFT displays. These include full or semi-custom displays with optimised characteristics to supply truly enhanced displays for your customers.

These affordable customised TFT displays offer a custom enhanced backlight and a bespoke pcap touch screen with radiused corners. The extended front glass has reverse printed black border to give a bezel-less fit into the customer’s housing.

The TFT and pcap are optically bonded for optimum daylight legibility and improved ruggedness. “We also produced the black TFT data and backlight power cables to mate to the customer’s chosen computer board seen in the foreground,” said Selectronic managing director, Kevin Dry. He continued: “Custom-made TFTs seem to be everywhere these days, in cars, hand held 'tech' devices and gadgets around the home. This is great for products made in very high volume because the cost of tooling TFT glass is into the hundreds of thousands of pounds.

“Manufacturers of equipment sold in more modest volumes have more options than ever, especially since Selectronic has access to the widest selection of TFT ‘glassware’, to enable it to produce customised modules for volumes as low as 1000 pieces.”

“For the electronics designer, FPC tails can be customised in length and pin-out to best-fit your circuit lay-out,” added Dry. “Often, components can be added to the FPC to minimise connections to the driving circuit and power supply. Touch screen interfaces can be customised to mate the desired port and routed separately or integrated into the display interface as

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