Connector system brings reliability and high performance to a range of applications

16-07-2019 | TTI Europe | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Molex’s PicoBlade wire-to-board and wire-to-wire connector series is now offered by TTI Europe. Compact and durable, the connectors offer a 1.25mm pitch with four header options to produce optimal design flexibility to a variety of applications where space may be limited.

Created with reliability in mind, the connectors offer a two-point-contact design to keep a reliable electrical connection under low voltage, low current and high-vibration conditions. Two latching ramps in the crimp receptacle reduce the likelihood of accidental unmating due to vibration or mishandling, making the connectors excellent for use in applications where they could be subject to sudden movement. Furthermore, optional vacuum caps for the vertical surface mount headers can be added to enable high volume placement utilising industry standard pick-up nozzles.

“PicoBlade connectors can save approximately 45% of PCB space, compared to 2mm wire-to-board systems,” said Ronald Velda, director supplier marketing Europe Connectors, TTI Europe. “Through these connectors, we can help our customers to optimise the available space in their applications, without compromising performance or durability.”

Typical applications include automotive in-vehicle comfort and infotainment and body control modules, industrial equipment including drones and security systems, consumer goods such as Smart TVs and gaming machines, data communications equipment, and healthcare equipment including hearing aids and medical monitors.

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