Automotive window supervisor for systems that operate on low-voltage supply rails

19-07-2019 | Texas Instruments | Automotive Technologies

Texas Instruments TPS3703-Q1 Automotive High-Accuracy Window Supervisor is ideal for systems that operate on low-voltage supply rails and have narrow margin supply tolerances. The device is provided in a small six-pin DSE package and does not need any external resistors for setting overvoltage, and undervoltage reset thresholds, which additionally optimises overall accuracy, solution size, cost, and improves reliability for safety systems.

The low threshold hysteresis, internal glitch immunity, and noise filters stop false reset resulting from erroneous signals when the monitored voltage supply is in its normal scope of operation. Each device is created with two reset time delays that use the CT pin to configure by connecting to a capacitor.

A separate SENSE input pin and VDD pin allow for the redundancy sought by high-reliability systems. The device has a low typical quiescent current specification of 4.5µA (typical). The devices are AEC-Q100 qualified for automotive applications.

Typical applications comprise ADAS, camera, sensor fusion, HEV/EV, FPGA, ASIC and DSP-based systems.

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