Aluminium-housed wire-wound power resistor maximises high pulse capability

24-07-2019 | RS Components | Passives

Arcol HS100 Series wire-wound power resistors are high powered aluminium housed resistors manufactured to be compliant with the demands of a MIL 18546, IEC 115 and are RoHS compliant. The devices are available now from RS Components.

The resistors are intended for direct heatsink mounting with thermal compound to achieve maximum performance.

The wire-wound design of these resistors maximises the high pulse characteristics as the power dissipates linearly to zero, even at high ambient temperatures.

The resistors are provided in a compact size for power rating, and the winding construction maximises high pulse capability. The device provides easy assembly with excellent load resistance and high power to volume.

The advanced design of the device optimises stability, linearity and reliability, making the resistors ideal for many applications including braking resistor inrush limiters, inverters/converters, snubbers, and balancing resistors.

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