Wireless MCU solution for wearables, home and industrial automation

07-06-2019 | Rutronik | Semiconductors

Available from Rutronik UK, the Redpine Signals RS13100 Wireless MCU is an ultra-low power dual-mode SoC with Bluetooth 5 and 802.15.4 able to run ZigBee or Thread. Offering the required connectivity options and processing power for data transfer, audio, location and controlling applications, it is an excellent solution for home automation, wearables, industrial automation, lighting and home appliance markets.

Based on an ARM Cortex M4F with up to 180MHz performance, up to 4MB dedicated flash and up to 400kB RAM, the SoC can handle even challenging operations smoothly and efficiently. To produce an extremely secure system, the device incorporates multiple levels of security including PUF, Cryptographic hardware accelerators, Secure Boots and Secure Zone.

High connectivity is ensured with BLE 5 long range at 125kbps, a high data rate of 2Mbps and advertising extension. The SoCs leading-edge RF performance with up to 20dBm output power for BLE and 802.15.4 give long range up and higher throughputs. Due to integrated wireless stacks and profiles, the SoC can be simply integrated and evaluated.

The device has an ultra-small form factor with measurements of only 3.51mm x 3.6mm (SoC) and 4.63mm x 7.9mm (module).

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