Temperature sensor can handle the harshest environmental conditions

28-06-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Sensata 5024 EGR Temperature Sensor, available now from Mouser, is compact and economical with a performance range up to 300C. The sensor was created for automotive applications and now has been engineered and tested to satisfy the harshest environmental conditions. Features incorporate fast response time, O-ring sealed hex port, and an integrated electrical connector. The 5sensor is an excellent turnkey solution for many industrial applications where accurate, robust temperature sensing is needed.

The device offers a maximum operating temperature between -55C to 300C (-67F to 572F), with temperature tolerance of 25C ±0.8C, 300C ±3.7C.

Typical applications include exhaust gas recirculation systems, automotive diesel/gas/natural gas generators, wet exhaust gas, marine, commercial lawnmowers, and boiler exhaust gas monitoring.

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