Streamline signal chain in factory automation with new ADC

21-06-2019 | Texas Instruments | Power

The Texas Instruments ADS125H01 and ADS125H02 are ±20V input, 24-bit, delta-sigma ADCs. The ADCs offer a low-noise PGA, an internal reference, clock oscillator, and signal or reference out-of-range monitors.

The integration of a wide input range, ±18V PGA and an ADC into a single package decreases board area up to 50% in comparison to discrete solutions.

Programmable gain of 0.125 to 128 (corresponding to an equivalent input range from ±20V to ±20mV) removes the requirement for an external attenuator or external gain stages. 1GOhm minimum input impedance lessens error caused by sensor loading. Furthermore, the low noise and low drift performance enable direct connections to bridge, RTD, and thermocouple sensors.

The digital filter attenuates 50Hz and 60Hz line cycle noise for data rates ≤50SPS or 60SPS to lessen measurement error. The filter also offers no-latency conversion data for high data throughput during channel sequencing.

The devices are pin-compatible and are fully specified over the 40C to +125C temperature range.

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