Reels for custom cables and test leads

12-06-2019 | Cliff Electronics | Subs & Systems

Cliff Electronics produces test leads for several market-leading electrical test equipment OEMs and now offers its rugged cable reel empty to enable customers to design their own bespoke cable assemblies.

The company’s standard test leads are mainly used by electrical test and safety PAT testers, electrical contractors and test and repair houses and are used as replacements for damaged OEM version. Providing their customers the empty cable reel enables them to load it with any cable and connector of their choosing without having to have large minimum order quantities or incur NRE charges for factory assembled custom versions. Custom cable options comprise fibre-optic, audio, coax and more.

With overall dimensions of 240mm x 130mm x 176mm the ABS material cable reel has a simple 'snap and screw' assembly, and a recess is provided on both sides of the handle for product marking or branding.

John Hall, general manager of Cliff Electronics, comments: “We are a major designer and manufacturer of test lead sets supplied with many well-known brands of test meters, as well as major suppliers to popular brands of after-market test lead sets. We are frequently asked for one-off or low volume special cable reels which are not economic to manufacture. Allowing end users to buy the cable reel empty and assemble themselves is an elegant solution to these enquiries.”

By Natasha Shek