New family of high power density, encapsulated power modules

03-06-2019 | RS Components | Power

RS Components offers a new family of high-efficiency power modules that provide POL conversion for advanced FPGAs, DSPs, ASICs and memory used in servers, optical networking, storage, telecom, and a broad range of space-constrained industrial applications.

Manufactured by Renesas Electronics, the new ISL8210M/12M/80M/82M power modules are single-channel synchronous step-down power devices that can produce 10A or 15A of continuous current at the point-of-load. The devices are highly integrated – consolidating PWM controller, inductor and MOSFETs – to achieve the highest power density of any encapsulated module in their class.

The family simplifies complex, space-constrained power supply designs and speeds up the time to market by decreasing the amount of external components needed. Also, all the modules in the family provide pin-to-pin compatibility, thereby facilitating designers to promptly select the relevant current rating and the level of PMBus capability needed, without having to alter their PCB layout.

The family covers 10A and 15A devices that provide an analogue interface and two that come with an extra digital PMBus v1.3 interface: the analogue power modules are the ISL8210M and ISL8212M, and the hybrid digital power modules are the ISL8280M and ISL8282M. The ISL8210M/12M analogue-loop modules provide a higher power density, increased feature set via pin-strappable settings, and economical cost when compared to earlier power modules from the company.

By Natasha Shek