New electronics adhesives that cure with UV, visible light or moisture

17-06-2019 | Techsil | Subs & Systems

Techsil has released a series of new adhesive products with low ion content which cure with UV, visible light or moisture. Created by Panacol, these products were especially formulated for applications in the electronics and consumer electronics industry, where heat-sensitive parts require to be assembled.

Vitralit UD 8050 is a one-component acrylic adhesive, used as an encapsulant to guard electronic components on PCBs. The adhesive can be cured with UV or visible light. Moisture post curing secures full cure in shadowed areas or deeper layers of the adhesive, which cannot be reached by light.

For particular demands several versions of the adhesive are offered: Vitralit UD 8050 MV F enables enhanced flow control and focused dispensing on every component due to its shear-thinning behaviour. Its low ion content inhibits corrosion on electronic components. For excellent process control, the adhesive contains a fluorescent marker.

For jetting, the low viscosity version Vitralit UD 8050 LV is an excellent solution. Due to its simple dispensing and fast curing, this adhesive is very useful for applications in the production of consumer electronics where a high throughput is required.

The adhesive is transparent by default, but it is also offered in blue or fluorescing versions. Other colours are offered on request.

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