Multi-wireless modem combines benefits of low-power cellular LTE connectivity and Bluetooth 5

10-06-2019 | Laird | Subs & Systems

Laird Connectivity has a new multi-wireless modem that combines the advantages of low-power cellular LTE connectivity and Bluetooth 5 technology into an integrated solution. This unique combination allows new use cases employing low-cost, long-range Bluetooth sensors all attached to the next generation LTE network in simpler and less costly solution architecture.

The solution seamlessly combines a powerful Cortex M4F controller running a hostless Zephyr RTOS-based software implementation, complete Bluetooth 5 functionality, and LTE CAT- M1/NB-IoT capabilities - all completely certified from a radio regulatory, cellular and network carrier perspective. This intelligent modem also offers full antenna flexibility, including pre-integrated embedded and external options such as the company's Revie Flex LTE and NB-IoT antenna.

"The Pinnacle 100 builds on decades of Laird's wireless expertise, making it easier than ever to bridge wireless sensor data to cloud services like AWS IoT over a low-power LTE connection. The Pinnacle 100 cellular modem is an ideal product for customers looking for a fully-integrated solution," said Jonathan Kaye, Laird Connectivity's senior director of Product Management. "Because the modem will be end-device qualified from a carrier perspective, as well as supporting complete co-location radio certification, there is no need to worry about the time and cost involved in the certification process."

Multiple low-cost development kits will be offered to simplify application development and supply everything needed for initial evaluation directly out of the box including a standalone Bluetooth 5 environmental sensor, a SIM card with free data, a companion smartphone app for provisioning, and a full end-to-end demo to see your Bluetooth sensor data in the cloud in just minutes.

By Natasha Shek