MCU targeted at industrial and automotive engine management

24-06-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Mouser now offers the MPC5777C Power Architecture microcontroller from NXP Semiconductors. Providing three dual-issue, 32-bit CPU core complexes, this high-performance MCU supports demanding industrial and automotive engine management applications including those for electric DC motor control, aerospace engines, and Ethernet and CAN FD connectivity, as well as automotive applications that need compliance with SIL-1 and ASIL-D functional safety demands.

The microcontroller offers two independent Power Architecture z7 cores providing up to 300MHz operation, as well as a single z7 core operating in lockstep with one of the main computational cores. The two main cores provide signal processing extension instruction support for digital signal processing, as well as 16Kbytes of I-cache and 16Kbytes of D-cache. The MCU gives 8Mbytes of on-chip flash memory, in addition to 512Kbytes of on-chip general purpose RAM (including 64Kbytes of standby RAM).

The device’s two eQADC modules offer support for 70 analog input pins, which can be extended to 182 inputs using off-chip multiplexers. The highly secure microcontroller incorporates on-chip security encryption protection employing a tamper detection module and cryptographic services engine for tamper-proofing.

The MCU is supported by the MPC5777C-DEVB development board, which allows the development of both hardware and software for applications such as battery management systems, traction motor control, and internal combustion engines and transmissions. The board comprises an MPC5777C microcontroller together with MC33FS6520LAE SBC and the TJA1100 and TJA1145T/FD Ethernet and CAN FD PHY transceivers.

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