Image analysis software allows any experience level to manage complex image analysis tasks

28-06-2019 | Olympus | Test & Measurement

The new Olympus Stream 2.4 software enables users in all industries to conduct fast and precise observations on a large assortment of samples while preserving data security and measurement dependability.

Simple camera and microscope control enables easy analysis for users who frequently change their workstations, and intuitive step-by-step workflows allow multiple operatives to use the same software for various inspection tasks. All results are organised into one location. Offered in eight languages, the software guides operators at every step, from image capture and measurement to sharing of results, lessening the necessity for training, which saves time and cost.

The new software is optimised for Olympus hardware so that all are controlled with the same simple-to-use interface. Offering many sophisticated updates, the software enables it to be as easy as possible for users to obtain sharp, crisp images for quantitative measurements and reporting based on the current standards, whatever the application.

By Natasha Shek