Highly efficient I2C controlled boost-mode battery charger

27-06-2019 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments bq25887 I<sup>2</sup>C Controlled Boost-Mode Battery Charger is a highly-integrated 2A boost switch-mode battery charge management device for 2-cell (2S) Li-Ion and Li-polymer battery. The device has I<sup>2</sup>C control with cell balancing, but no OTG and no power path. The device has a cell-balancing function that charges 2S battery cells from a 5V USB adapter. Unlike traditional pack-side cell-balancing, an integrated cell-balancing function allows the charger to balance the voltage of the two cells during charging within one charge cycle.

The device is a high-efficiency 2A, 1.5MHz switch-mode boost charger with input current optimiser to maximise input power without overloading adapters. The device also integrates a 16-bit ADC for system monitoring. The high integration incorporates all MOSFETs, current sensing and loop compensation.

Typical applications include e-cigarettes and drone payload controls.

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