Compact POL non-isolated DC-DC modules give design versatility

12-06-2019 | Luso | Power

Available now from Luso Electronics is the DOS/DOH series of POL modules from P-Duke providing designers with the flexibility of choice with offerings in SIL and SMD packages. With versions in 6A, 10A, 16A and 30A all with nominal 5V and 12V inputs and variable outputs comprising a range of 0.75V to 5V (5.5V on 30A) these versatile modules are ideal for all industrial applications.

These modules provide a selection of onboard features, remote on/off along with various protection circuits, OCP, SCP and VCP. The 30A version also includes parallel operation via active current share and output voltage sequencing. The 10A, 16A and 30A are footprint-compatible, so if you are initially uncertain of your power needs, changing this to a higher or lower power version is easy to implement. The 6A modules are smaller, providing an ultra-compact low-power solution.

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